Thursday, July 28, 2011

Preparing for Sweet Emery

Well, I am 26 weeks pregnant and we have officially decided on naming our future baby girl Emery Jane Kelly.  It feels so exciting to get the name picked out and start rounding up all the things we will be needing for her in October!  My first personalized project I wanted to do for her is this fancy Infant Car Seat Canopy:

My friend, Mariah, made one for our girl Jenny when she had her sweet baby Harper.  Jenny just couldn't stop raving about how great it was and used it all the time (still does I think).  So I found this tutorial online and tweaked it a little (used snaps instead of velcro, embroidered it, and lined it with minky on the inside).  I was so excited about how easy and fun it was to make.  It can be made with thinner material, but since she will be a fall baby, I wanted to keep her extra cozy and warm...

Pic of the very top: 
The super-soft minky lining: 
Her official, embroidered name!!! 
And finally....the original canopy made by Make it Do 

I love to come up with original ideas, but sometimes it is more fun to follow someone's great tutorial....especially when they have made it so cute you don't even want to try to top it!!!


Johanson Family said...

SO CUTE AND CRAFTY!!! I LoVE IT!!! Love seeing her name on something too!! PERFECTION!