Friday, June 10, 2011

Lil' Chef Set....and future project....

I am still sewing over here...I got the bug and can't stop the projects!  My friend Becca ordered this from me:

I love the fabrics so much that I am going to make this:

for my sweet little girls out of that fabric.  Please click on the picture to go straight to Angela Yosten's etsy shop where you can buy it or some of her other awesome patterns!!  I'll keep you updated on my progress!!  Thanks Becca for the order!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Back!!!


So....I have been pregnant and not in much of a sewing-then-blogging mood.  I have made some baby items and aprons for friends lately, but have not whipped out the 'ole camera.  I also haven't done a give away in FOREVER!!  I am going to host a giveaway soon, but for now here is what craftiness I have been up to:

I made my first EVER tooth fairy pillow for my friend's little boy...I made the pocket big enough to fit LOTS of money!!
Then I got a recent Baby shower gift order and thought I would showcase that!  It is an embroidered burpcloth and a Diaper Clutch.  It turned out very boy and kind of sophisticated I thought...

Finally, we I did a little fun preschool crafting with my kiddos...we joined Jenny Garland's girls and did this project I found linked on One Pretty Thing.  I would suggest it for the 5 year olds in your life, but our 2 little 2-3 year olds and 2 month old baby kind of made it hard to manage..

Our Big Girls Starting the project

Kyndall carefully "braiding" (twisting) the Octopus legs:

Kate doing the same thing with Avery (the 3 year old getting all up in her business)
Do you see what I am talking about here with the little ones???

After adding eyes and tying the legs off, they seem to love their little guys!! 

Then we modified for the little girls (notice no "legs")

But Avery loved hers anyway!!  Whew...we have been really enjoying the summer and spending time relaxing and crafting!!